Lola Loves….Wine!


It seems like I have wine on the brain of late. Maybe because it is such a great time of the year to enjoy a good glass of wine — not that I have ever had a bad glass of wine—out of doors! Since bugs have not taken over the patio yet, this is the perfect time to sip a glass of your favorite white or red outside, even if that means putting up a pop- up tent to get out of the rain.  Look at this way, the rain may be soggily dampening our spirits, but at least it’s not SNOW!

If you are adventurous like me — I didn’t get to be a sassy pig by sitting around at home — enjoy your wine in a new setting. Indulge in a glass of locally produced wine, fruit or otherwise. There are lots of great wineries to peruse that are nearby too! From Maple River Winery’s award- winning Rhubarb Wine to Richwood Winery’s now infamous Buffalo Red, you don’t have to travel too far to get great locally produced wine! Did you know there is also a whole ND Winery Trail to explore as well? With stops at Dakota Hills Winery and Vineyard, Point of View Winery and Bear Creek Winery, I am itching to venture done this trail and try all their blends.

I, of course, love to cook with alcohol, and the last time I checked, WINE is alcohol.  I add it to sauces to add fun and flavor. Check out my now infamous Chardonnay Caramel and Merlot Fudge sauces. Besides lots of zing, they go great with Bourbon Bundt Cake and Double Chocolate Rum Brownies! Wow, that is like a double shot dessert!

So live it up, try a new wine and see where the road takes you! Remember my motto: Have hooves; will travel; enjoy life!

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