Today Lola Loves…Outdoor Weddings!

With the warm summer breezes finally letting loose, I have had the pleasure of attending some great outdoor weddings of late (both as guest and main attraction on the buffet!).  Beautiful trees, bubbling brooks, flower-covered arbors, all add up to a one-of-a-kind wedding memory!  All that is missing is me! Imagine what kind of fun this sassy pink pig would bring to your party! Whether you want the day to be elegant, romantic or outrageous, I add the perfect amount of fun to every festivity.

As for food , I am somewhat of an expert on BBQ, so I’d suggest a whole pig roast (for a whole lot of me) or maybe a beer-braised meat paired with  one of my signature side dishes and private label BBQ sauces to create the perfect fuss-free gathering. And besides being extra tasty, I am extra helpful to boot!  I am available for room setup and upgraded plating!  Whatever you need to make your dream wedding come to life, I am your pig!

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